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I'm well aware that most of my readers are actually Windows resellers who are considering a venture into the minefield of selling Apple computers, so here's one for all of you.
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I'm well aware that most of my readers are actually Windows resellers who are considering a venture into the minefield of selling Apple computers, so here's one for all of you. Did you hear the one about the Apple computer that ran Windows faster than its arch-enemy, the PC? You didn't? Well you're likely to be hearing a lot more about this one, because apparently it's true.

When Apple shipped the current Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard last year, the improvements under the hood included enhancements to Boot Camp, the Mac OS kernel that allows installation of Windows XP or Vista (and also Windows 7 when it ships) onto a Mac, and then lets the Mac boot-up as a Windows PC. But there are an increasing number of reports that a Mac running Leopard's Boot Camp and Windows actually out-performs any equivalent-spec PC.

I think I'll leave this thought-provoking statement hanging for a month and return to it in the next issue with more details. But in the meantime, did you hear the one about the Dell Mini Netbooks that run Mac OS X? You didn't? The Dell Mini 7 and 9 (and probably the 10 also) can be easily modified with a small software download, which allows the user to install and run Apple's Mac OS X v10.5. And it runs very well, too. Although this is actually quite old news, there's an interesting aside to this that could have major implications.

The question that begs asking in light of that is why is Apple are allowing this? The software download comes from Dell itself – not some small independent 'hackintosh' developer, and full instructions are available via Dell's website. It's very unlikely Apple would allow this without approving it, and there's no Apple alternative to Dell's excellent 'Mini' series of netbooks – not yet, anyway.

But at the same time, Apple is preparing to do battle with three very small clone makers who have got Mac OS X running on Wintel hardware using a similar software modification to Dell's. So if Dell is allowed to broadcast the fact you can run the Mac OS on its netbooks via its website, I have a feeling that the legal teams for the clone makers will be watching developments very closely.


Sorry Apple - you have become too expensive

I thought it was about time I presented one of my more controversial commentaries. Lately, resellers have reminded me about one particular aspect of selling Macs that is now causing a noticeable problem.


A letter to Apple UK

Dear Apple, Firstly, I really, really want to say thanks for reading my column, because it was only recently that I had it confirmed. I know not everyone at Apple UK reads me, but some of you do. I wish I?d heard this directly from the source, but ? and I?ll sing this in my best Cliff Richard falsetto voice ? I guess ?we don?t talk anymore...?

Apple's new direction

We all know the current situation. Mac computers continue to gain market share against Windows PCs, the iPod has no serious rivals in the MP3 market, the iPhone is dominating the smart phone sector and now the iPad is devastating sales of high-end netbooks. So the question keeps being asked what will Apple focus on next?

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Value for money shines through

A look at this month?s top sellers reveals a theme that will be familiar to many retailers across the country. Despite the ongoing recession, there is still demand for IT products, but customers are looking to maximise the value of the money they spend.


You don't progress by standing still

By now readers will be aware that the PCA has progressed to become the TCA ?the Technology Channels Association?by joining with the Mac Technology Association. Since you will probably have already read the press releases and the comment around them, I thought you might also appreciate a bit of the inside story.

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Windows versus Mac

Every time Windows goes through a major update, the 'they copied Mac' brigade get onto their bandwagon ? I know, because I used to be one.

How much bigger can Apple get?

So the iPad, Apple?s first tablet computer, is now officially launched and on its way to an eagerly waiting Apple community. And I use ?first? advisedly, as there is much evidence of component purchases and design blueprints which indicate that the iPad is just the first of a new line of similar devices which Apple will be launching. So what next? A ?multi-touch? touchscreen iMac is now the next hotly rumoured product.