Samsung to boost AMOLED display production

Planned capacity of 30 million smartphone displays per month
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Samsung said that it plans to increase manufacturing capacity for AMOLED displays tenfold to 30 million per month.

The company is opening a new production capacity which will vastly increase the current supply of AMOLED displays from the 3 million per month supply from Samsung's current manufacturing facilities. The company plans to spend over $2.1 billion on new production facilities.

Shortages of the Korean manufacturer's next-gen AMOLED displays been on going to the point that Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC switched some new high end models of smartphones to use the a "Super LCD" screen manufactured by Sony.

AMOLED and LCD look set to continue the technology rivalry particularly following the launch of high resolution LCD IPS-based panels in the new Apple iPhone 4 which the company dubbed the 'retina' display and which is highly competetive with AMOLED displays.

Samsung said that shortages affected all manufacturers equally and that the firm's Galaxy S smartphone did not receive priority allocation of AMOLED displays.