Saitek announces new gaming pc peripherals

Range includes mice, a steering wheel, speakers and a game pad
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Saitek, a designer and manufacturer of consumer electronic products for PC and gaming, has announced the launch of its 2008 PC gaming range:

The Cyborg Mouse automatically expands to fit the gamers hand while the Cyborg Command Unit features programmable button configurations for specific game set-ups.

The new Cyborg Game pad has a reversible module – allowing the d-pad and left joystick positions to be swapped – as well as a FPS button and Precision mode for increased accuracy. The range is completed by the fully customisable Cyborg keyboard and Cyborg headset with an integrated 5:1 sound system.

The latest speakers from Saitek produce a crisp and clean sound over a wide acoustic range due to the innovative design that limits the distance between the speaker bowl and casing, minimising sound distortion.

New colour variants of Saitek's popular Desktop Optical Mouse and Notebook Optical mice will also be launched alongside the new products.

A gaming steering wheel adds to the range of PC peripherals. The R660GT Force Feedback Wheel has a semi-automatic gear stick, pedals and a G-clamp to make sure the wheel stays secure.



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