Room for one more?

Once you get used to the huge size of CES (and learn to use the map) you start to get a feel for the common trends. And the fact there were only really two dominant themes in such a spiralling mass of products, seems almost... limited.
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Tablets and 3D were by far the buzz of the show. All the major manufacturers seemed most keen to associate themselves with one or the other.

Of course there were other products on show – but it is interesting to note how vigorously almost every major player in the tech space is not just gunning for, but insisting, on either market – despite the fact that, it has to be said, they are pretty unknown quantities right now.

I'm not for an instant saying these are lame duck sectors – they're not. They are bound to make some companies a lot of money indeed. But there's something about going to a show like CES and being confronted with the sheer mass of firms throwing their weight at the same areas that seems unprecedented. We are, after all, talking about emergent, high-end tech, which is being pushed as if its been proven to be mass-market already.

And they might be right, but historically the tech industry has tended to work with a more trickle down effect – the early adopters might have cutting edge products years before the Average Joe even notices it.

It doesn't seem too antagonistic a point to suggest that, this year at least, there might not be quite the room for every single firm that is jumping into the 3D or tablet ring to make much money out of them. With so much invested, the scramble that seems likely to ensue could well redefine some boundaries in the industry.


Are tablets the future?

Barely a day seems to have gone by recently without a new tablet PC being launched. The question really is whether there is an actual need for such a device outside of certain established niche markets. Apple and many others certainly seem to think so.


One bad apple

The mainstream press enjoys a good villain ? a reprehensible target posing an uncomplicated but potent threat. Preferably this will be something inherently new, which lends itself nicely to a subtle hint that basically, modern society is going to pot.

A breath of fresh air

It?s so nice to have confidence in the products you sell. A prime example is Windows 7. It?s a dream to install, set up, use and sell. So far it looks like the best OS from Microsoft. A lot of hard lessons have been learnt in the last few years, so let?s hope it can keep up with the good work. However, a problem still exists with the lack of repair options and product keys wearing out, so there is still a bit to do to make everyone happy.

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Windows versus Mac

Every time Windows goes through a major update, the 'they copied Mac' brigade get onto their bandwagon ? I know, because I used to be one.


Hail to the king

We were honoured to be one of the nominated vendors for the PCR Awards and it is really exciting to have won Specialist Vendor for two years running. It is great to get this recognition from our channel partners and it is really motivating for the whole team at Kingston Technology. We are working hard to ensure that we retain the crown next year!

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Retail is detail

First impressions count and are hard to correct, so in retail, you must get it right the moment a customer walks in.