Psystar plans to continue operating

OpenMac vendor releases new OSX based system, vows to make more
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Mac clone manufacturer Psystar has released another OpenMac system and has said that it’s ready to continue its battle against Apple, despite the threat of litigation and looming bankruptcy.

The company has seen a running battle with Apple, which has tried to block it from using its software. Psystar countersued, claiming that Apple’s business model constituted a monopoly.

According to CRN, the company issued a newsletter that stated: “As you all may already be aware, in late May Psystar filed for Chapter 11 protection. Although this was critical to our continued daily operations, we now are ready to emerge and again battle Goliath.”

Psystar says that its latest offering, the Open(7) offers up to 40 per cent more processing speed thanks to its Intel Core i7 processor and includes up to 12GB of memory. The unit is priced at $1,499.



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