Prince Charles salutes green computing

HRH talks up ?mind-boggling? thin client technology as part of environmental push
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The Prince of Wales has given his support to thin client server technology, which vastly reduces the energy usage (and generally the capability) of a PC terminal, by letting a central server run the majority of processing functions for multiple systems.

The potential king proclaimed the benefits of such systems at the Second May Day Business Summit on Climate Change this week, though admitted he found the technology ‘mind-boggling.’

In the same speech, he also admitted to being a 'blinding nuisance.'

"Many of the case studies we received highlight the business benefits of developing and incorporating a low carbon strategy — not least the real, tangible, bottom-line savings that would delight the heart of even the frostiest finance director," said the royal campaigner. "The recruitment company, Reed, for instance, has reduced its PC power use by 80 percent by replacing 4,500 PCs and 400 laptops with 'thin-client terminals'. The mind boggles! I have never heard of that one before."

"I am no longer at risk of being a blinding nuisance — I am a blinding nuisance! What more can I do but urge you, this country's business leaders, to take the essential action now to make your businesses more sustainable. I am exhausted with repeating that there really is no time to lose."

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