Power to the consumer

The news recently broke that Apple is a bigger company than Microsoft.
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I found this surprising until I got to thinking about the consumer market. Microsoft is dominant in the business market, but Apple has a bigger slice of the consumer market.

The interesting thing is that the consumer market is overtaking the business sector. If I could offer some advice, look after the consumer. Look after the people who look after the consumer

We sell to consumers, we support consumers and get very little support if not a little hindrance from the channel above. It can be hard to explain to a customer why this must be done in certain way and a quick fix, whilst possible, is not correct. This can pass work to people who don’t care about the rights and wrongs – the pirates and cowboys of this world.

This does not make a level playing field. We have already lost the price fight with the supermarkets. Losing the support fight due to rules from above forces consumers into the world of less than legitimate services.

We need to convince the powers that be that we are legitimate businesses that look after consumers – now the biggest purchaser of computer goods.

As Apple extends its Apple Consultants Network other vendors might want to take a look and see if they can better the model.


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