PCR meets Norris the Robothespian

Robot can give sales pitches and interact with customers
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PCR recently had the chance to check out the much talked about Robothespian at Engage’s Flux Innovation Lounge.

While the event showcased an array of future tech and robotics, Norris the Robothespian stole the show with his singing and acting skills, as well as his ability to interact with customers and give talks and even sales pitches.

“We’re showing the capabilities of what robots are able to do. When you’re interacting with something like Norris, that information really sticks in people’s brains,” explained Engage’s commercial director, Andy Hasoon.

“What we’ve been finding is this tech is great at exhibitions and conferences. We can programme Norris with certain sales pitches, information and messages.”

Check out Norris for yourself below: