PC Gamer slams Tron: Evolution

"The whole thing is a load of dreary old parp"
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British gaming mag PC Gamer has published a damning review of the PC game Tron: Evolution, the tie-in to the recent Tron remake film, Tron Legacy.

Awarding the game just 29 per cent, PC Gamer's John Walker concluded that: "The graphics are miserable in their monotonous grey-blue dreariness, in a game that - when it’s working - at best offers mediocre combat and ludicrously repetitive platforming."

Lamenting the fact that the previous Tron PC gaming, Tron 2.0, was "one of the few truly great movie-based games", Walker said that Tron: Evolution offered little of the engaging disc-weilding gameplay that one would expect in a Tron game.

"Madly repetitive, flaky and incessantly dull third-person action," they concluded.

Disney Interactive, producers of the game, announced in January that the firm had laid off 200 employees and will focus on "social media and mobile games."