OLPC Foundation lashes out at Intel

$50 laptop firm accuses multinational of being “shameless”
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The One Laptop Per Child initiative, an outfit that is aiming to produce a range of $50 laptops for use in the third world and other impoverished territories, has struck out at Intel after the chip manufacturer launched a marketing campaign against the firm.

The company claims that the Nigerian government has produced a document it was given by Intel that highlights all the supposed “shortcomings” of OLPC’s machine, encouraging it to favour Intel devices instead.

In an interview with US news firm CBS, the company claims: “We've tracked Intel and AMD for many years now, and think it's fair to say that while many members of staff and executives we've met are thinking, feeling human beings, the corporations themselves are entirely without conscience, remorse, and completely incapable of blushing, bursting into tears, or falling in love.”




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