Nyan Cat latest meme to get its own cryptocurrency

According to creators, Nyancoin is the first officially licensed cryptocurrency in history
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As the interest in Dogecoin continues, another pet-related internet meme has jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

According to nyanco.in owner, Charles Feng, he has partnered with PRguitarman, Nyan Cat’s creator, to produce the first ever officially licensed cryptocurrency in history.

Last week, Kanye West-inspired currency Coinye was shut down after the rapper refused to endorse it. If Nyancoin really is officially licensed, that’s one problem it won’t have to worry about.

Surprisingly, Dogecoin – inspired by the popular Doge meme – has been rapidly gaining users over the past month and is now seeing almost double the daily usage of Bitcoin, the digital currency that started it all.

If the trend continues, maybe we'll soon be seeing Double Coinbow, Charlie Bit(coin) My Finger, or even More Coinbell...

For anyone who somehow missed the Nyan Cat boat first time around, here is the video that started it all: