Nvidia to launch 'Battlebox' elite gaming PCs

Battlebox range will include the latest GeForce GTX GPUs and Intel Bridge-E CPUs
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Nvidia is working with system builders to help introduce what it calls a ‘new breed of elite gaming PCs’.

The Battlebox range is designed to deliver the fastest frame rates and includes the latest GeForce GTX GPUs and Intel Bridge-E CPUs.

“For gamers who are looking for intense and highly coordinated skirmishes on the virtual battlefield, the Battlebox will be their weapon of choice when configured with an Intel Haswell CPU, a 4K monitor sporting a resolution of 3840x2160 and dual GeForce GTX 780 or higher GPUs running in SLI configuration,” said Nvidia.

Over 30 system builders in EMEAI will begin building the PCs, which will all be branded with a Battlebox logo