Nvidia stock hot property

The graphics chip maker’s stock prices rocketed last week
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Stock prices in chip specialist Nvidia reached a new peak last week, bringing them up to nearly $40, reported The Inquirer.

The company’s success is being lauded by Wall Street publications.

Cramer, an analyst at US television network NBC added Nvidia to his list of suggested buys. In his column for The Street, Cramer said Nvidia is "one of a handful of tech stocks that have momentum. [It is] one of the few winners in the PC supply chain".

Credit Suisse also highlighted Nvidia’s success in its Disruptive Technology Portfolio, claiming that it held the fastest growing stock last week, outperforming other big name firm’s such as Apple and Ebay.



Intel takeover rumour fuels Nvidia stock price surge

Rumours pointing towards a possible takeover of graphics specialist Nvidia by chip giant Intel have caused the former’s share prices to climb more than eight per cent this week – though anything resembling official backing the rumours is noticeable by its absence.