Nvidia says JPR figures misleading, GPU growth ahead

Market share slide due to exit from chipset business
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Nvidia has responded to a Jon Peddie Research report which suggested that the firm's GPU market share has been on the decline, saying raw shipments was 'no longer a relevant metric'

Speaking to thinkq, Nvidia UK marketing man Ben Barraondo said that Nvidia had 'exited the chipset business' but retained a lead in the discrete graphics sector. Barraondo also said that the firm was also a "healthy growth projection for the discrete GPU market."

Thinkq also pointed out that Nvidia's discrete graphics market share is up eight per cent year-on-year, no mean feat by all accounts, it actually slid by 4 per cent from the previous quarter according to Mercury Research figures.

Barraondo was, however, bullish about the future, adding that Intel's Sandy Bridge platform on notebooks was expected to produce a growth in discreet graphics.

However with ever-better integrated graphics on the horizon from Intel and AMD, Nvidia's discreet graphics business looks set to come under renewed pressure in the longer term.