Novatech amplifies retail operation

UK system builder looks to significantly increase own branded stores over coming months
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Retail is '100 per cent fundamental' to Novatech's growth over the next couple of years, according to the firm's commercial director Kriss Pomroy.

Speaking exclusively to PC Retail about the UK system builder's retail ambitions, Pomroy likened the firm's operations to Apple's worldwide network of direct stores saying that having its entire range of products under one roof allowed its customers to get a better feel for which computer was the right one for them, before investing in it.

"We're similar to Apple in the sense that customers can walk in and get hands-on with our entire range. It's something we feel is critical to the success of our brand as you can't really get an impression of the product without getting hands on with it," he said.

"There are some things you can buy without getting hands on with them; I think PCs and laptops are not one of them, and that's why our retail stores are so crucial to our business.

"The other benefit that they get with us having our own stores is that we have a very highly trained and knowledgeable set of staff who know our products inside out and can pass on that advice to our customers."

When asked what laid ahead for the firm's retail operations, he said: "We've currently got three stores in the pipeline with the next opening in Cardiff," adding that the firm wasn't ready to reveal the other two locations.



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