New AMD Catalyst 11.11a drivers

'Performance' driver leaves Skyrim players with multi-GPUs out in the cold.
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AMD have released new Catalyst 'performance' drivers, taking the version to 11.11a and adding mostly addressing issues related to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Keeping up the strange 'performance' tag that has prevailed following the RAGE fix drivers, the new AMD drivers continue to offer further improvements for id's Rage including a number of corruption issues.

The new drivers are said to improve performance 2-7 per cent on single GPU systems while also disabling CrossFireX for those with more than one. AMD apparently can't get multi-GPUs to work right in Skyrim yet but said they'd release it later after they read their programming book.

Another corruption issue is also fixed in Skyrim, particularly with multi-sample anti aliasing on the Radeon HD 6970 series. Yet another was also fixed in Battlefield 3.

You can get the AMD Catalyst 11.11a 'performance' driver from here.