Netbook buyers about to get younger with Disney replica

Netpal is an Asus Eee decorated in pink
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Netpal is an Asus Eee decorated in pink

Disney is aiming to expand the growing netbook market even further with its new device, the Disney Netpal.

The Netpal is, in fact, an Asus Eee netbook splashed with a Disney-themed décor.

Precisely like the Eee, Disney’s Netpal features a 8.9-inch display, wifi connectivity and comes with the option of a 160 GB hard drive or a 16 GB solid state drive.

The Eee’s camera is now “Mickey Mouse shaped”, the keyboard is “spill-proof”, the hard-drive “bump-proof”, and the whole device is said to contain a number of parental control features.

Disney has priced the child’s device at £299.