Microsoft working on Surface Pro 4?

The firm is also supposedly planning to release larger sized tablets
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Microsoft is allegedly already producing its Surface Pro 4 - and is expected to reveal the device sometime this year.

According to reports the Surface will also boast a larger 12-inch display, the same ultra-thin form factor as its predecessor and a bezel size.

Microsoft has reportedly placed a large order for 256GB SSDs from Samsung, which will allegedly be used in the new device.

Known for its rumour stories, Digitimes is responsible for reporting this particular update, so it's worth taking the news with a pinch of salt.

According to Digitimes, the firm is expected to release the device in October, and it will come with Intel’s new Skylake processors, and of course, Windows 10.

An additional report has also revealed that Microsoft is planning to create a series of larger sized tablets, with displays bigger than 12-inches.

This news comes after Microsoft confirmed plans it will sell Windows 10 on USB drives to customers.

Plus, the company has also released a set of ads featuring toddlers, promoting the new operating system (OS).