Microsoft to lose dominance

Security specialist says software giant is ?not quick enough? to maintain its position
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A speaker at this year's Infosecurity event has predicted that Microsoft will lose its dominant position as it is too slow to harness the smartphone market.

According to the Inquirer, the head of identity management solutions provider Charismathics, Sven Gossel told attendees that Microsoft was not quick enough in comparison to the Open Handset Alliance and Apple.

“At Mobile World Congress in 2009, more than a year ago, Microsoft said that it was going to have the app store in June 2009. Well, it didn't,” he said.

“Microsoft now with this Windows Phone Series 7 won't be ready before early 2011. So time is everything in this market. The fact that it delays this will have more impact than it coming up with a new device. The reason is simple. If Microsoft is going to win this game, it has to come out with something uniquely different, with a device that it introduces.”