Microsoft shows off Windows 8.1 in new video, Start button reappears

With a preview release of Windows 8.1 on the horizon, Microsoft has released a video showcasing the features of the update
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For those of you wanting to see what changes are set to be introduced with Windows 8.1, Microsoft has released a video to show off what's in store for the operating system.

In the video, Microsoft shows off a variety of UI changes set to be introduced within the first update to Windows 8, narrated by Jensen Harris of the Windows User Experience Team.

Amongst these changes are flexible divisions between applications in the side-by-side multitasking view, more extensive customisation features, improved All Apps view and increased multi-tasking.

One of the most reworked features within Windows 8.1 is the OS' search feature, which have undergone a host of changes, all of which are demonstrated within the video.

Microsoft is set to ship a preview release of Windows 8.1 on June 26th, with a rollout of the final build of the update to follow via Windows Update.

However, users who opt to install the initial preview of Windows 8.1 may encounter a variety of issues, as they won't be prompted to update to the final model on its release. As a result, they won't be able to preserve their data, accounts or applications.

Meanwhile, those users who skip the preview will have access to the final Windows 8.1 build upon its arrival and won't face any of these installation issues.

Check out Microsoft's Windows 8.1 video below.