Microsoft revives Family Guy sponsorship

VIDEO: New clips show Griffin family endorsing Windows 7
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Microsoft has reinstated its advertising deal with US cartoon Family Guy, judging by four new clips that have appeared on YouTube.

The videos, which were uploaded to the official Windows YouTube channel yesterday, have already had several hundred views each.

Microsoft dropped its sponsorship of a Family Guy special last month over concerns about the content of the show. Microsoft issued a statement saying that "the content was not a fit with the Windows brand", as it contained jokes about incest, deaf people and the Holocaust.

According to various blogs, the Family Guy Windows 7 clips have already been shown on American television, however, it is unclear whether they were part of a normal episode or aired during commercial breaks.

One of the clips (shown below) features patriarch Peter Griffin incorrectly attempting to spell Windows 7, while another shows baby Stewie claiming to have invented the operating system.