Microsoft reserves and domain names

A number of risqué domain names could become available later this year giving online trolls ample opportunity to do what they do best
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Businesses are being advised to snap up as many dirty domain names as they can before trolls get their filthy little hands on them and cause havoc.

Microsoft has already purchased such names as and, even Taylor Swift is getting in on the action registering and

Names such as these are rumoured to become available in June, which is a dream come true for trolls wanting to tarnish the names of brands and celebs.

Daniel Foster, co-founder and technical director of, said: “Businesses should do everything in their power avoid being associated with negative messages – and it's hard to imagine domain names like .sucks and .porn will foster positivity.

“Clearly some big brands are already taking this seriously by registering controversial names while we are still in a mandated period.

“However, after June 1st it becomes a free for all, so I'd advise all businesses with even a slight worry about how this could affect their business to swoop up the domains sooner rather than later.”

Whilst we are on naughtiness, a survey from and One Poll found that 21 per cent of UK workers have accessed pornography or adult websites on a personal device used for work, and one in ten said they had done so on a work issued device.