Microsoft moves into music downloads

The firm’s new iTunes style scheme snaps up Maximo Park
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Microsoft has launched a new initiative to promote new music across its services to millions of consumers.

Ignition employs the firm’s three main online networks – Zune, Xbox Live and MSN, and will utilise them to distribute tracks and other content from bands, such as playlists and personal album commentaries.

UK band Maximo Park are the first to sign up to the programme, reported

“Consumers are looking for ways to find new music, and Ignition helps connect artists with potential new fans by giving them multiple opportunities to listen to, watch or read about the artist across Microsoft's online platforms," said Christina Calio, director of music marketing for Zune.



Microsoft launches iPod rival

Zune, a 30GB MP3 player has been launched in the US and is expected to be just the first in a new range of ‘connected entertainment’ products from the software giant.