Microsoft launches authorised reseller scheme for refurbishers

Vendor announces extension of community MAR program
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Microsoft has launched a program aimed at helping PC refurbishers and OEMs reselling used PCs to ensure that the equipment they are selling has a legitimate version of Windows installed.

The scheme, which has been called Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), allows OEMs that recycle old PCs to license them in bulk. It is an extension of the vendor's community MAR initiative, which was aimed at charities, educational institutions and non-profits.

Currently, the only operating systems available through the scheme are Windows XP Home and Professional. The company has not commented on when Vista operating systems will become available.

The MAR scheme is currently a US-only program, however, the vendor has announced plans to extend it to other OEM and non-OEM PC refurbishment companies in Europe, although no timescale was given.