Microsoft attacks Apple's prices in latest ad

TV spot sees volunteer dismayed by vendor's pricing
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Microsoft has launched its latest attack on Apple's Mac vs PC marketing campaign, lambasting its rival's pricing, which it alleges is far more expensive than PCs.

Using a volunteer – who is told that if she can find a 17-inch laptop for under $1,000, she can keep it – Microsoft first visits an Apple store, with Lauren coming out dejected after she finds that the only Mac she can afford is a 13-inch MacBook.

The advert – titled 'Laptop Hunters' also attacks Apple's perceived coolness, with Lauren chiding to the camera: "I'm just not cool enough to be a Mac person".

Eventually she and the Microsoft film crew visit a Best Buy and finds a large selection of computers for under $1,000.

You can view the latest advert by clicking here. It is unclear if Microsoft will be bringing the advert – albeit changed for the local market – to the UK anytime soon.

Via: channel.HEXUS