MeeGo smartphone OS demoed on a tablet

VIDEO: On-screen keyboard and Fennec browser unveiled
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A YouTube video has appeared of the Nokia and Intel co-sponsored open source MeeGo operating system UI running on a tablet device.

While the OS version is aimed at smartphones, the UI appears to work fairly well on the tablet device although there's clearly much room for performance optimisation. The video shows aspects of the MeeGo UI including an on-screen keyboard and the Fennec web browser in operation.

Some form of 'vanilla' MeeGo UI is expected to co-exist with a Nokia proprietary UI. The Finnish smartphone maker had previously said that it believed the Android operating system didn't offer the opportunity for the company to add value to Nokia branded handsets. 

The video is interesting to compare with a video of the MeeGo OS in smartphone form factor, leaked back in August. Alternative versions are seen in a boot menu called MeeGo handset and MeeGo netbook, both version 2.65.3-13.6.

See below for MeeGo running on a tablet: