McAfee faces ?adware? lawsuit

7Search contests malware classification
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A small ‘adware’ company called 7Search is to legally challenge its designation as spyware by security giant McAfee.

The firm was given the red flag by McAfee for its association with the 7FaSSt toolbar, a piece of software that forcibly installs itself on a users browser, which is listed as malware by a number of companies.

Although 7Search admits a connection with the 7FaSSt toolbar, it says that no downloads have been available on its website since 2003.

The complaint states: “Customers of 7Search who have opened accounts with have later terminated that business relationship as a result of seeing McAfee's false, deceptive, confusing and/or misleading statements and representations about”

In response to the citation, McAfee issued the following statement: “SiteAdvisor rates Web sites to make the Web safer to surf. Our methodologies provide for a repeatable and objective reasoning based on facts and the threat landscape. At times people disagree with our ratings. Those Web site owners are encouraged to work with us on such matters.”

Link: The Register