Man cooks dinner on 30 USB ports

Six USB cards used in barbeque gone viral
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A Japanese man used the power from 30 USB ports spread over six USB cards to generate enough heat to cook some meat in what must be one of the most bizarre USB applications to date. 

Having been 'humiliated' at failing to cook an egg in a previous experience, this time Kaz came back with an extreme variation involving the use of six additional USB cards, with each USB cable wired up to a large cement-type resistor and then attached to a metal hotplate.

Kaz proceeded to barbeque packaged beef ribs for dinner although he went on to say it tasted slightly of electronic components. Further images can be seen here.

The actual event took place in 2006 but in the last few days the story has resurfaced with an accompanying 'sizzling' YouTube video included below: