Make the most of high-margin items

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Squeezing out every last drop of revenue is increasingly important at retail. One good way to do it is through selecting products with high margins.

In an ideal world, retailers would be able to do this with everything. In reality, that's not always possible, but some good places to do it are with add-on sales and items that could be considered impulse buys.

This encompasses a wide variety of items including: laptop bags, novelty mice, headsets, USB chargers and a lot more.

In this month's sector guide. PCR has taken a look at what's on offer in this space, and we've picked a few highlights for you to consider. Click here for the full feature.


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Visual Margins

With the peak Christmas trading season just around the corner, Ben Furfie sit down with the AV channel to get a snap shot of the market...


Keep an eye on your margins

Every extra penny in the tills can make a real difference to retailers these days. Encouraging add-on sales can be an easy and efficient way to bring in more revenue. Helen French casts her gaze on the wide variety of margin makers available?