Logitech invites you a tablet-powered dance party

Clip-on speakers to annoy public transport users everywhere
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Logitech has unveiled an set of clip-on speakers for tablet PCs called the Logitech Tablet Speaker.

"The new Logitech Tablet Speaker is here to help you enjoy and share stereo sound on your tablet, no matter where you go," Logitech blogged of the miniature boom box which affixes to tablets via a rubberised clip.

When hooked up to the audio output jack of a tablet, Logitech helpfully suggest that the user could host an "impromptu dance party" and that since the speakers last for eight hours and can be charged by USB, the party wont be forced to call it quits early.

The tablet peripheral is due some time in September but there's no indication of cost.

Logitech's blog post linked a product page but the link is duff Possibly because the web team is busy with their own dance party.