Lenovo guns for the consumer

CES 2009: New products look outside vendor?s main business customer base
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Lenovo has introduced a number of new products aimed at the consumer market, representing a distinct change of route for the mainly business vendor.

The IdeaCentre A600 All-in-One Desktop . branded as an entertainment PC, the small form factor rig includes all the hardware you’d expect to easily watch TV and video. For gaming, however, the firm appears to have followed Nintendo’s lead with the introduction of a motion sensing controller. The device can also be used as a VoIP phone, a wireless mouse and a TV controller.

Elsewhere, the new range of IdeaPad laptops come loaded with dual screens.

“With the launch of our global consumer Idea brand a year ago, we’ve shown the world that PC technology can be powerful and beautiful,” said Liu Jun, senior vice president and president, Consumer Business Group, Lenovo. “This year, we will keep pushing the limits of good design, balancing form and function, as you’ll see exhibited in our super-thin, 16-inch laptop and all-in-one desktop. This unique blend of design and engineering sets us apart from competitors and gives consumers a new kind of entertainment and computing experience.”



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