LCD monitor market 'to remain flat'

Claims of increased pricing due to euro depreciation
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Taiwanese market watch web site Digitimes has reported that 2010 LCD monitor shipments will be lower than originally forecast. 

Speaking to unnamed sources from major vendors of LCD monitor vendors in Taiwan, the Digitimes report claimed that the weaker-than-expected demand in North America, Europe and China would likely persist into the third quarter.

Digitimes also said that that vendors are now looking to the European fourth quarter seasonal boost to make up ground against a disappointing second and third quarter. The site also claimed there are plans to increase pricing by 7 to 10 per cent "to make up their losses incurred from the depreciation of euro", according to unnamed sources.

In line with some of the main PC manufacturer expectations, Digitimes sources also expected to see growth of 10% in the enterprise segment for LCD monitor shipments. 

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