Kickstarter of the week: BubblePix launches the BubblePod

Smartphone accessory takes 360-degree photos
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The team behind the BubbleScope phone accessory has turned to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for its latest device. 

Inventor Tom Lawton spent years bringing BubbleScope to life – an accessory for iPhones that takes 360º pictures.

Now he’s done it again with the BubblePod, which offers a simple way to take professional hi-res 360º photos.

The firm is looking for support on Kickstarter and must meet the target goal of £30,000 in pledged support by July 9th in order to get the green light and make the product.

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The BubblePod, in their own words: “It's a nifty little clockwork turntable that spins your smartphone 360º and lets you shoot professional 360º high-res images in under a minute. No batteries, no retouching, no hassle. As it spins the smartphone around, our BubblePix App stitches together individual images taken by the camera. Our BubbleScope is great for video and instant 360º pics but sometimes you need a really high resolution still 360º image with the same ease of use. That's why we came up with the BubblePod and for a high resolution 360º panoramic absolutely nothing beats it.”

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It is currently designed to work with Apple, Android and BlackBerry 10.