JVC launches Picsio waterproof pocket video camera

GC-WP10 is 1080p capable down to 3m water depth
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JVC has launched a new pair of half-held video camcorders, one of which is a waterproof model.

The new Picsio pocket video cameras are capable of recording 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second with what JVC describes as "excellent low-light performance." The GC-FM2 and the waterproof GC-WP10 also both provide 3-inch touch screen displays and are able to capture 5 megapixel still images

The Picsio cameras have HDMI video output ports as well as USB for upload purposes. The GC-WP10 adds stereo MP3 recording, headphone socket, face detection and an extendible USB connector while the GC-FM2 is available in a choice of three colours. The cameras can also record in the iFrame format for easy importing into Apple's iMovie software.

The cameras are already present on the JVC web store in the US, priced at $179.99 for the GC-FM2 and $199.99 for the GC-WP10. No pricing and availability details for Europe are yet available. JVC also has a promo video on Youtube.



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