ITACS: Retail success is in little details

BLOG: Antony Knee imparts store advice in this month's column
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ITACS has urged retailers to use the recession to evaluate what impression their stores and staff give out to customers.

In the trade body's monthly column, Anthony Knee warned that grubby and outdated fittings, as well as poor customer service could cost customers, especially in the current trading environment.

He also urged independents to avoid buying in bulk to get a small discount and to rather focus on rotating new and fresh stock to keep customers interested.

"Rotate items on display in the window and in key areas of the shop. Monitor what sells and look at profit, not just turnover – this means mice, cables, memory sticks, ink, etc," wrote Knee.

"Don't buy lots of one item to gain a small discount and fill the shelves with stock that doesn't move. Buying less, more often, creates a wider variety of new items from many vendors and a faster turnover of stock."

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Retail is detail

First impressions count and are hard to correct, so in retail, you must get it right the moment a customer walks in.