IT trade talks up 3D

The tech is "here to stay", vendor says
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3D technology is not just a fleeting trend but is here to stay, leading industry figures have said.

Asus’ LCD country product manager Gary Baldwin told PCR: “The forecasts for 3D TVs is 2.5 million units in 2010, growing to 27 million in 2013. This is a clear indication that 3D is here to stay.”

Midwich business manager Lee Baker added that the distributor is doing a “roaring trade” in 3D TVs.

Bluepoint’s product manager Asad Verona, meanwhile, presented a slightly more sceptical view. “3D will become mainstream very soon, but not with glasses,” he said. “I am confident that the technology to bypass glasses will be available in the near future.”

The comments follow Toshiba unveiling its new glasses-less 3D TV, which is set to launch in Japan later this year.

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