IT is UK's second booziest industry

Workers in IT are second only to journalists when it comes to after work drinking activities
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A survey by the Drink Aware Trust lists IT workers as the second biggest drinkers in the UK, pipped to the post only by journalists in first place.

The organisation claims the average person working in the IT sector will put away 34 units – or 17 pints – a week.

Apparently, an 'office drinking culture' and pressure from colleagues to go for after work drinks are contributing factors to the high alcohol consumption levels, while 'drinking after work to relieve a stressful day' was also cited.

Those shocked by the statistics will be pleased to hear the organisation has offered some suggestions on how to avoid drinking alcohol – chiefly aimed at a demographic which apparently needs to trick itself into doing sensible things.

"If you think it would be a case of mission impossible to go out with your workmates and stay sober, start filling your after work diary with other activities that will encourage you not to follow them to the pub. Do your shopping or run errands after work – this will free up your Saturdays and Sundays to do the things you enjoy. Even better, make plans for the weekend so that you only have weekday evenings to do the chores."

You can read the full report here.



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