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iPod to get connected?

Speculation is growing that the next video iPod will be wi-fi enabled
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Apple has organised a press conference for tomorrow, at which it is expected to unveil its next-generation iPod line-up. And there’s a growing buzz that the range will include an iPod video with touch-control interface, NAND flash and wi-fi. There should also be updated iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle devices.

Connectivity for the player would represent a significant shift in the iPod ‘story’ and opens up any number of new possibilities. It could permit over-the-air music downloading from iTunes – but only if the new device contains a web browser. Or it could allow iPod owners to share music, as Microsoft has with the Zune. Or it could be something entirely new.

Until now, the only means to transfer songs to iPod has been via a USB sideload from a PC.



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