iPhone values set to fall £52 after iPhone 6 launch

Apple has seen an overall trade-in spike of 67.68% in the two weeks running up to iPhone 6 launch day
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Older iPhone models are set to drop by up to £52 following the launch of the iPhone 6.

Following the launch of the iPhone 5 16GB last year, the model lost £52 in value a month on from its release, while the iPhone 4S 16GB lost £34, as recyclers reduced prices to limit the number of devices sent in to them.

CompareMyMobile expects to see a similar pattern following the launch of the iPhone 6.

However, overall Apple has seen a trade-in spike of 67.68 per cent in the two weeks running up to today's iPhone 6 reveal.

As well as this, the iPhone 5S 64GB has seen a 158.33 per cent spike in trade-ins, while the 32GB model saw a 146.15 per cent boost and the 16GB version saw a 39.41 per cent rise.

Ashley Turner, co-founder of CompareMyMobile, said: “Every year we see existing iPhone model values plummet as recyclers attempt to regulate the volumes sent into them.

“We want to make consumers aware of these trends, so that they can achieve the best value possible for their old devices.”

The following table shows the depreciation of iPhone models following the iPhone 5S and 5C release last year

iPhone Model

Top price offered in August 2013 (before iPhone 5S release)

Top price offered in November 2013 (after iPhone 5S release)

Trade-in value drop

iPhone 5 64GB




iPhone 5 32GB




iPhone 5 16GB




iPhone 4S 64GB White




iPhone 4S 64GB




iPhone 4S 32GB




iPhone 4S 32GB White




iPhone 4S 16GB




iPhone 4S 16GB White




iPhone 4 32GB




iPhone 4 16GB




iPhone 4 16GB White




iPhone 4 8GB




iPhone 4 32GB White