Intel: Notebooks are the future

CHANNEL EXPO 2007: Chip giant Intel has told retailers to concentrate on notebook sales in favour of the declining desktop market.
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As part of a marketting drive for the Core 2 Duo Centrino Pro chipset (formally codenamed Santa Rosa) Intel said in a presentation that the future for retailers lies in notebook sales.

Paul Shenton from the Uk and Ireleand sales department told retailers that in the wake of a declining desktop market, Intel is initiating a heavy graphics push for notebooks - and that the opportunities for retailers to benefit from this are massive.

Showing off its X7800 Extreme notebook graphics chip and demonstarted the possibilities its VPro technology can offer retailers. "This is the best ramp of anything Intel have done to date," said Shenton.

The firm also revealed that it will be launching an SLI notebook later this year, that a a new chip product will follow in Q1 2008, and that 45nm technology is on the way.




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