Intel launches quad-core server processors

Throws down the gauntlet ahead of AMD Barcelona launch
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Dubbed "The industry's first quad-core processors specifically designed for multi-processor (MP) servers," Intel says "the launch of six new Quad-Core Xeon 7300 series processors can deliver more than twice the performance and more than three times the performance per watt over the company's previous generation dual-core products."

In so doing, Intel has pre-empted the launch of AMD's quad-core server brand, codenamed Barcelona. This will increase the pressure on AMD to make the launch successful and for Barcelona to measure up to the Xeon 7300 series.AMD is currently very much second place in

terms of price/perfomance to Intel in most consumer segments, so it's critical to the short to mid-term future of its business for Barcelona to be a success - a fact that is unlikely to have escaped Intel's attention.



Intel Core 2 Duo Quad and Core 2 Extreme

The Core 2 Quad range includes both 65nm and 45nm parts, based on the Kentfield and Yorkfield cores respectively. Internally, they're effectively a pair of Core 2 Duo processors built into one chip. As AMD likes to point out, this is less efficient than the Phenom's fully integrated design, as cores on different dies can't communicate directly at the chip's full internal speed. Instead, they have to pass data back and forth via the slower front side bus.