Intel launches its fastest quad-core processor

High performance chip targeted at hardcore gamers and developers.
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Intel has advanced its enthusiast-level quad-core processor family with the introduction of the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor QX6800.

Running at 2.93GHz, the processor is billed as being ideal for gamers, digital design professionals and enthusiasts.

"The performance and technology leadership we are delivering with our enthusiast quad-core processor line-up is a direct result of the reliability provided by Intel's manufacturing and engineering strength," said Eric Kim, senior VP and general manager of Intel's Digital Home Group.

"This translates to user benefits such as better gameplay with more intelligent computer-generated opponents and less wait time for demanding high definition media editing."

The Intel Core 2 Extreme processor QX6800 is produced in Intel's 65 nonometer process, key to enabling the large 8 megabyte cache. A 1066 MHz system bus is supported and the processor is available now at $1,199.



Intel Core 2 Duo Quad and Core 2 Extreme

The Core 2 Quad range includes both 65nm and 45nm parts, based on the Kentfield and Yorkfield cores respectively. Internally, they're effectively a pair of Core 2 Duo processors built into one chip. As AMD likes to point out, this is less efficient than the Phenom's fully integrated design, as cores on different dies can't communicate directly at the chip's full internal speed. Instead, they have to pass data back and forth via the slower front side bus.