Intel 'in the dark' over Nokia Microsoft move

Report claims Intel upset by dumping of MeeGo OS
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Nokia's plans to jump to Windows Phone were unknown to the Finnish phonemaker's MeeGo operating system joint venture partner Intel, according to a Tech Crunch report.

The report claimed that chipmaker Intel was 'caught off guard' by the 'unprecidented' Nokia-Microsoft partnership announcement. The report claimed that Intel was "extremely concerned" at the prospect of Nokia reducing efforts to develop the Linux-based operating system.

MeeGo is part of an Intel strategy to ensure the existance of operating systems tuned for Intel's x86 processor architecture, rather than the dominent ARM mobile processor architecture. So far Windows Phone has only been seen on ARM processors.

TechCrunch also claimed that Nokia's first MeeGo device, making a famous no-show at the firm's Nokia World event late last year, had been "sent back to the drawing board" by mobile operators. However the fault was claimed to be in the hardware keyboard rather than the brand new operating system.