Intel in $25m investment round

?Innovation does not stop during economic slowdowns?, firm declares
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Intel’s investment arm is investing around $25 million into seven different companies and institutions.

Announced during the firm’s 10th annual CEO Summit, Intel executive vice president declared: "innovation does not stop during economic slowdowns."

The firm has recently agreed to pay rival AMD a striking $1.25 billion in order to end protracted legal row.

"New technologies are the drivers of growth that help lead economies back to prosperity,” he added. “Intel Capital continues to be a leading investor in companies pioneering such advancement.”

The firms named in the investment round include cloud computer group Joynet, memory firm Active Storage, and Korean optical modulation tech firm Crucialtec.

Also in the investment pool were semiconductor manufacturer Gudeng Precision, Japanese videoconferencing firm V-cube, web info group Phoenix New Media, as well as software analytics group NeuString.

Intel Capital said it was leading “almost all” the investment rounds in the various companies.