Indies urged to seize smartphone opportunity

Repairs can offer 'seriously good money' says distributor
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Independent retailers could benefit from the rise in smartphone sales, according to Target Components’ Scott Frankling.

The distributor has reported an increase in the sales of smartphone components recently. Frankling commented: “Target is one of the only distributors of smartphone parts in the UK and our customers have responded very well to them. We’re getting a lot of return custom from people finding that they can make some seriously good money from smartphone repairs.

“Rather than getting a new handset when their contract expires, more and more people are opting to use the one they’ve already got and just get a sim-only contract, which opens up the options for independent repairs. The parts are relatively cheap, so all you need is someone with the expertise to do repairs. It’s not just mobile phones either, another growth area for us is replacement laptop screens.”

Brigantia’s Iain Shaw agreed, saying: “Indies are getting much better at not only doing repairs in-house but they also know who to turn to for the specialist repairs. And I think there’s going to be a lot of work for indies in repairing the new devices that are coming through – the tablets and the convergent technologies that are coming through.”

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Repairs offer bright future for indie retail

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