HTC rumoured to be lauching the 'Flyer' tablet in March

Second quarter arrive for the rest of the world, says DigiTimes
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HTC is set to launch three tablet PCs in the first half of 2011 according to courses sited by Taiwanese industry rumour mill, the DigiTimes.

Despite a virtual no-show of tablets at the CES 'tablet show' in Las Vegas, HTC will reportedly introduce a tablet called the Flyer into the US market in March according to handset component sources quoted by the DigiTimes.

The Flyer is said to resemble a large Desire smartphone and will run Android 2.3 which presumably means the tablet is a 7-inch form factor similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The device is set to arrive ahead of RIM PlayBook and the Android Honeycomb-powered Motorola Xoom in April.

Interesting, DigiTimes sources claimed that the Flyer would be upgradable to Android 3.0. Such upgrades have been something of a grey area with few manufacturers committing to such a move.

HTC will then follow the Flyer with two other unnamed Android Honeycomb tablets in June, although no further details were given.