HP thinks outside the box

Vendor pushes green alternative to wasteful packaging
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HP is to sell its Pavilion dv6929 PCs in an eco-friendly laptop bag, dispensing with boxing altogether.

The ‘HP Protect’ messenger bag is made from 100 per cent recycled materials and apparently reduces waste by 97 per cent compared to standard box packaging. The bag, which won Walmart’s Home Entertainment Design Challenge protects the laptop during shipping and is sold as part of the package.

The move came as a response to a challenge by US retailer Walmart for suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of their products.

“Caring for the environment is a personal choice that is becoming increasingly important for our customers,” said HP’s senior vice president of the Personal Systems Group, Steven DeWitt. “We are honoured that Walmart has not only recognized HP’s efforts to ensure that technology and environment enthusiasts have more sustainable choices available to them, but to also join them to help reduce our combined environmental impact from product development through to delivery to the consumer.”

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Think outside the big box

While various vendors and distributors have been quoted as being politely supportive of Best Buy, in the ?competition is healthy? vein, I?m sure that any independent reseller who finds one of the new mega-stores on the doorstep will be somewhat anxious about the impact this American import will have on their business.