High definition disc prices set to fall

Taiwanese RiData says mass production is on the way
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Though the high definition content revolution is still in its infancy, the sector could be on the verge of taking a step toward a more mainstream presence with the prediction that both re-writable HD-DVD and Blu-Ray media will soon be falling in cost.

DailyTech reports that Taiwanese disc manufacturer RiData is to begin the mass-production of both BD-RW and HD-DVD-RW in the third quarter of this year.

Though the firm says that this move won’t result in an immediate reduction in price, with the average North American cost of a disc sticking at around the $10 mark, it does predict that the move will force other manufacturers to follow suit, and that lower prices will eventually follow.

Single layer BD-RW discs can hold 25GB of data, with single layer HD-DVD-RW discs can store 20GB.