Hector Ruiz leaves Global Foundries

Former AMD CEO stands down from new role at manufacturing spin-off
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The former president and CEO of AMD Hector Ruiz has resigned his position as chairman at the vendor’s fabrication division Global Foundries.

Mr Ruiz is expected to take an immediate leave of absence before officially resigning from the company in early January.

He is expected to be temporarily replaced by Alan E. Ross, who will fill the role of interim chairman until the position can be filled on a permanent basis.

Alan Ross was previously president and CEO of Broadcom and has served executive roles with National Semiconductor, Rockwell Automation and the Worldwide Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation.

Although no official reason has been given for the resignation, the Inquirer has linked it to accusations of insider dealings around the formation of Global Foundries, which saw a hedge fund called the Galleon Group profit heavily from the division of AMD.