HD DVD shifts 90,000 units in one weekend

Breaking of $100 barrier sees sales explode as players reach mass market price point
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Toshiba HD DVD players shifted 90,000 units in of its HD-A2 model over one weekend as a result of the surprise price drop to an daring $98.87. Interestingly, it was only when standard definition dipped below $100 for the first time, that customer confidence took off and players began to sell.

Sony, since mid-summer, has sold only 100,000 standalone Blu-ray format players. However, although Toshibas efforts are seemingly paying off Sony has shipped over 5.51 million PS3s, all of which come with in built Blu-ray drives.

It seems that for now, in terms of standalone players, HD DVD is an underdog beginning to bare its teeth in what has been a fierce war. It is worth baring in mind that popular films available on only one format are influencing sales of players, for example Spiderman was released exclusively on Blu-ray, while 300 appeared on HD-DVD only.